Hey Gosh Girls,

As some of you may have seen on the goshireland snapchat this week, I had a
Cosmo skin peel and my face was looking a little worse for wear afterwards.
It was peeling, raw and very sensitive. It is probably not the best idea to
wear makeup when your skin is like that but I am sure you guys can relate to
the fact that if your skin is bad then that is the time that you want to
wear even more makeup to cover it up.
As the Official blogger for Gosh cosmetics it goes without saying that I
love everything about the brand and I believe in it 100% otherwise I
wouldn’t feel comfortable writing about it. But when it came to applying it
(or anything for that matter) to my raw, sore skin I was really nervous. I
always knew that it was perfect for sensitive skin but I had no idea how it
would react with mine in the condition that it was in. I wanted to try it
out however so that I could report back to my readers on how it felt and
whether or not it would be OK for people to use if they had severe problems
with their skin.

I began by using the skin corrector highlight and concealer compact to dull
the redness and even out my skin tone. I couldn’t believe how quickly the
patches disappeared as I really thought I would have difficulty getting any
makeup to stick to them. I also left it a little while after applying it to
ensure that I had no reaction or stinging. I was pleasantly surprised that
it had no effect whatsoever and felt quite soothing on the skin.
I then decided to go for the BB cream to add a little more concealer and
moisturiser to my skin before adding my foundation. Again I waited for some
discomfort which I’m happy to say, never came.
I then finished off my skin base by applying the X-ceptional wear
foundation. I couldn’t believe how soft, smooth and concealed my skin
looked. It was as if there had never been anything wrong in the first place.

I wore it throughout the day and my skin felt perfect – not sore or dry at
all! When I removed it later in the evening it actually looked more soothed
when I thought it would be more irritated.
I would never promote a product for sore skin without trying it out for
myself but I can genuinely say that if your skin is irritated then Gosh will
be gentle enough to use without aggravating it further. Obviously every
person is different but for me, I can honestly say, it worked and I would
highly recommend the Gosh products.
Love Nicola